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Can’t Hurt Me

Ford Motor Company

Unsung Hero Award Recipient

endorsed by

Chief FBI Agent

Professor Greg Vecchi
endorsed by former Navy Seal & endurance athlete

David Goggins

Honorable Mention

United States Navy

Honorable Mention

Federal Protective Services
Honorable Mention

Department of Homeland Security
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Limitless Master Mindsets for Peak Performance:

Discover how to enhance your life by possessing peak performance under pressure; powered by purpose. Set inspirational goals, result achieving processes & learn 3 critical keys to maximize resilience, overcome adversity and fulfill your purpose. Empower the impossible to optimize your performance, quality of life & legacy. Let’s defy the odds, & bring Elite within reach.

Elite Leadership:

How Effective Leaders Inspire & Empower The Impossible

  • Discover 3 keys to create trust & team cohesion
  • Learn 3 essential elements to inspire your ppl
  • Take immediate action on processes to ignite team progress powered by purpose

Elite Team Work:

Winning When Others Come First

  • Discover how to empower progress by positioning teammates powered by thier purpose
  • 3 Critical keys to create a culture of constant momentum & improvement
  • Take immediate action on processes that unleash ultimate interdependence for maximum results

Testimonials & Recognitions

New York Times & Amazon Best Selling Author David Goggins – Endorsement

“Continue to lead from the front and show no weakness!!”

While in training together Kenneth and David came up against incredible odds and adversity.

Best-Selling author David Goggins has endorsed Kenneth Bigbee Jr. for his accomplishments and perseverance.

Ford Unsung Hero Award

Kenny is a proud recipient of the Ford Motor Company Unsung Hero Award, presented by Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight.

Former FBI Chief Agent Gregory M. Vecchi – Letter of Recommendation

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Missouri Western State University

Retired Supervisory Special Agent FBI
FBI Behavioral Science Unit Chief
FBI Hostage Negotiator

“Bigbee was able to take what appeared to be complicated techniques and make them simple through the use of his own brand of heuristics, which everyone could understand and apply. I have since incorporated what Bigbee taught me into my law enforcement and martial arts training, as few people really know what to do if they end up fighting on the ground… Bigbee and I have partnered together to provide leadership and conflict resolution services to corporations. I selected Bigbee as a partner due to his demonstrated competence, drive, and positive attitude.

Kenneth Bigbee is always looking to improve himself and others around him. I am honored to call him my teacher, my student, colleague, and, most of all, my friend.”

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The United Services Organization Shipmate Award

Kenny was awarded the Honor Recruit, USO Award for his service as a team player and leader.

“By virtue of superior performance of duty, you have been selected to receive the United Services Organization Shipmate Award. The award consists of a certificate and is presented to that recruit at the graduation, whose enthusiasm, supportive attitude, and willingness to help others during their training period exceeded Navy training standards.

I take great pleasure in commending you for your outstanding performance of duty. Your efforts and accomplishments during recruit training have earned the admiration and respect of the officers and staff at Recruit Training Command. WELL DONE!”


Letter of Recommendation from Dr. James Rouse

Please know I am most hopeful that this letter finds you thriving and very well. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I have the blessing and joy of sharing my excitement for the work of Kenneth Bigbee.

I have had the honor of sharing the speaking stage with Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others across the world. This past spring I had the opportunity to share the sage with Mr. Bigbee.

Mr. Bigbee is one of the most talented, engaging and inspiring presenters I have ever witnessed. His love for communing and communicating is powerful and palpable. His command of his craft in the space of human potential and performance is world class. But moreover and most importantly, Kenny is a man of impeccable integrity and character.

It is my blessing to share my appreciation of Mr. Bigbee and hope you have the pleasure of working with him and hearing his passion and purpose in person.

Thank you for your time and energy.

Dr. James Rouse
Optimum Wellness Media

Hendricks County Sheriff S.W.A.T. Team

“Thank you for you commitment & dedication to our team to prevail over the most challenging adversity to protect and serve the people of out community.”

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U.S Department of Homeland Security

In appreciation for outstanding service in support of the Department of Homeland Security/ Federal Protective Service contract we proudly recognize Mr. Kenneth Bigbee Jr. for Outstanding Support of Training. Your outstanding support in the training of our officers is exemplary. His actions result in the assigned officers receiving the best training available. His support is greatly appreciated.

James Kendall
Contract Manager
Triple Canopy, Inc.

Achievment in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Brazilian Ground Fighting

Kenneth Bigbee Jr. has demonstrated outstanding devotion to the training of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the Brazilian Art of Ground Fighting, from the day of initiation this organization; has shown and demonstrated loyalty, dedication, and personal growth required for training; has fully completed the requirements, both mentally and physically, for the promotion examination, and further, has displayed proficiency and skill under all standards and guidelines set forth by Professor Marcello C. Monteiro for the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt

Professor Marcello C. Monteiro

Kenny was an exceptional and motivational inspiration!! His method of delivery was tactical and informative with some very thought provoking interaction. He lives his message – most definitely! Be a person of Value! + Failure is NOT an Option! Excellent mantras! His message was very much in line with our own values.

 – Sherrill Gunn

Great topic, delivery, content, and story! He needs to come here every Monday morning and get us to jog around the building singing cadences!

 – Angela Borden

Powerful message of empowerment, motivation, appreciation, excellence, and energy!

 – Joe Tewell

I want to thank Kenny for the presentation he provided. It was impossible to be negative and a nonparticipant during your presentation. It was awesome to see how Kenny integrated aspects of business with aspects of the Navy Seals. Our Team was very impressed. Kenny was able to hold the full attention of a very hard audience.

 – Kennedy Tank

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