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S.W.A.T. Teams

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David Goggins

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Chief FBI Agent

Professor Greg Vecchi
as featured in the New York Times & Amazon Best Seller

Can't Hurt Me

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United States Navy

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Federal Protective Services
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Kenny was an exceptional and motivational inspiration!! His method of delivery was tactical and informative with some very thought provoking interaction. He lives his message – most definitely! Be a person of Value! + Failure is NOT an Option! Excellent mantras! His message was very much in line with our own values.

 – Sherrill Gunn

Fascinating and helpful guy!

 – Matt

The Seven Corners team is still talking about your visit. I told them they HAD to enact what you taught or…you’d visit them…one by one…at night…when they are alone…and sleeping. OSS!

 – Chris Hollandbeck

Great topic, delivery, content, and story! He needs to come here every Monday morning and get us to jog around the building singing cadences!

 – Angela Borden

Just so you know…you are in high demand for a return engagement!!

 – Sherill Gunn

Kenny is always doing amazing things and making a difference.

 – Chad Wright

I had several people find me after Kenny left and all said he did a great job. He was engaging, entertaining, and his story was interesting. All thanked me for brining him in and all thought he should come back in the future. On top of that, those that did not attend, were asking those who did, what it was all about and those people wish they’d have gone.

 – Angela

Kenny is a great speaker. Awesome to see him doing these.

 – Miles Weard

Kenny was awesome!

 – Ruth Ann Hoffman

Powerful message of empowerment, motivation, appreciation, excellence, and energy!

 – Joe Tewell

Your presentation was life changing & awe inspiring!! OSS!! Thank you so much!!

 – Sherill Gunn

Doing what I know he is destined to beyond martial arts…one of the most genuine guys I know.

 – Damon Jennings

Cool! Kenny just spoke at my work! He is intense!

 – Michelle McClimon Powell

I want to thank Kenny for the presentation he provided. It was impossible to be negative and a nonparticipant during your presentation. It was awesome to see how Kenny integrated aspects of business with aspects of the Navy Seals. Our Team was very impressed. Kenny was able to hold the full attention of a very hard audience.

 – Kennedy Tank

The United Services Organization Shipmate Award

By virtue of superior performance of duty, you have been selected to receive the United Services Organization Shipmate Award. The award consists of a certificate and is presented to that recruit at the graduation, whose enthusiasm, supportive attitude, and willingness to help others during their training period exceeded Navy training standards.

I take great pleasure in commending you for your outstanding performance of duty. Your efforts and accomplishments during recruit training have earned the admiration and respect of the officers and staff at Recruit Training Command. WELL DONE!



Letter of Recommendation from Dr. James Rouse

Please know I am most hopeful that this letter finds you thriving and very well. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I have the blessing and joy of sharing my excitement for the work of Kenneth Bigbee.

I have had the honor of sharing the speaking stage with Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others across the world. This past spring I had the opportunity to share the sage with Mr. Bigbee.

Mr. Bigbee is one of the most talented, engaging and inspiring presenters I have ever witnessed. His love for communing and communicating is powerful and palpable. His command of his craft in the space of human potential and performance is world class. But moreover and most importantly, Kenny is a man of impeccable integrity and character.

It is my blessing to share my appreciation of Mr. Bigbee and hope you have the pleasure of working with him and hearing his passion and purpose in person.

Thank you for your time and energy.

Dr. James Rouse
Optimum Wellness Media

New York Times & Amazon Best Selling Author David Goggins – Endorsement

“Continue to lead from the front and show no weakness!!”

While in training together Kenneth and David came up against incredible odds and adversity.

Best-Selling author David Goggins has endorsed Kenneth Bigbee Jr. for his accomplishments and perseverance.




Powerful message of empowerment, motivation, appreciation, excellence, and energy!

– Joe Tewell

Former FBI Chief Agent Gregory M. Vecchi – Letter of Recommendation

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Missouri Western State University

Retired Supervisory Special Agent FBI
FBI Behavioral Science Unit Chief
FBI Hostage Negotiator


“In 2015, I attended a Contemporary Jeet Kune Do seminar in California. One of the presenters was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner named Kenneth Bigbee, who demonstrated BJJ in a manner that astounded me. Bigbee, who I later learned was a U.S. Navy SEAL, taught a series of unbelievable BJJ applications for use in real street fighting. What was impressive was his ability to instantly adapt traditional BJJ to military and law enforcement situations-something that very few martial arts are able to do (let alone teach). Bigbee was able to take what appeared to be complicated techniques and make them simple through the use of his own brand of heuristics, which everyone could understand and apply. I have since incorporated what Bigbee taught me into my law enforcement and martial arts training, as few people really know what to do if they end up fighting on the ground.


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In 2016, I traveled to Indiana to teach a Center Axis Relock (CAR) gunfighting course, where Bigbee was a student. Bigbee proved to be an outstanding student, both in terms of understanding the concepts and principles of the CAR System and especially in its application on the range. Bigbee subsequently took many of the finer points and added it to his own teaching and practice.

Bigbee and I have partnered together to provide leadership and conflict resolution services to corporations. I selected Bigbee as a partner due to his demonstrated competence, drive, and positive attitude.

Kenneth Bigbee is always looking to improve himself and others around him. I am honored to call him my teacher, my student, colleague, and, most of all, my friend.”

Gregory M. Vecchi

Ford Unsung Hero Award

Kenny is a proud recipient of Ford’s Unsung Hero Award.

Hendricks County Sheriff S.W.A.T. Team

Among the objectives of Hendricks County Special Units training is the standardization and optimization of S.W.A.T Team Training. Commencing in January of 2018, Tactical ACTS LLC provided the institution of real world tools and integrated strategies to adaptively control or neutralize any threat by reasonable use of force protection through: seamless dynamic integration of martial combat and combat shooting (including yet not limited to impact objects, blades, striking, grappling and fire.arms), individual and team tactics, effectiveness in low light/low visibility conditions, culminating into functional force on force close quarters combat scenarios.

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Peak performance under intense fluid stress inoculation was enhanced through neuro/physical state management techniques correlating to the body alarm response of the sympathetic nervous system. Enhanced improvement of reactionary time gaps, threat awareness, OODA loop theory, and rapid situationally dependent decision making prior, during, and after the body alarm response has given the team increased survivability.
Thank you for your commitment & dedication to our team to prevail over the most challenging adversity to protect and serve the people of our community.

Lt. Jim Yetter


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